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Jerry Miculek

The “ORIGINAL” bump fire.... #getsome #shootfast ... See MoreSee Less


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Breaking News: Jerry Miculek has been added to Dianne Frankenstein's ban list.

Just like in Socario: Day of the Soldat...I guess Guierrmo wanted to intimidate the guy he was shooting even more? Robbie Martin

That guy will take your girl using only his finger 💦💦😂

careful -Jerry- the ATF may try and ban you as a machine gun.

Jerry next they’ll be banning our fingers... not really. Just going after our mags, ammo and all guns that are fun after the idiots let them take the bump stocks. Because bUmP sToCkS dOnT mAtTeR

Well, that finger now needs the $200 government extortion. . I mean tax stamp

Better be careful, Jerry. They’ll outlaw your finger.

Haha they’re gonna be coming for that trigger finger next

You should have did that scene in Sicario.

Was that a 30 magazine clip in half a second? Gonna have to step it up Jerry!

You can no longer possess that finger!!

Now all the woodchucks will be shooting up the indoor ranges all over.

Need to ban Jerry's finger

I Jerry on the gun ban list since he can shoot faster then a full auto?

Marion Hammer is working on a statement right now calling for Jerry to be subject to additional regulations.

Will Trump direct the ATF/DOJ to reclassify fingers as machine guns? Inquiring minds want to know.

You are going to be limited to three fingers per hand.

How does that work with a .45?

Unlawful Use of Finger, 18USC922(f)(i)(n)(g)(e)(r). After you’ve paid your $25k fine and served your 10 year sentence, report to re-education camp #12.

Jerry, you're gon have to turn in your fingers if Trump's bump stock ban goes thru!

Some people have to strap on a piece of plastic, Jerry uses his fingers.

Id be so sketched out pulling forward with one hand and the trigger with the other probably about the same accuracy as beltlooping haha but cool to see

Love it Jerry, careful tho politicians may wanna cut off your finger...

Wish it would have been on metal so I could hear tink tink tink tink!!

Oh my liberal God we got to outlaw trigger fingers

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