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Jerry Miculek

3 Miculeks + No Script = Hilarious Commercial. Shootout Lane starts next month!! #getsome
Lena Miculek
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Awesome family of great shooters that are down to earth people with great personalities!


Great family. Our sport needs this.

Cute :) Nothing like family.

Nice weather this week at the compound.

So cool Jerry, a family that shoots together, stays together. Your girls love you, I can see it in their eyes, beautiful brother. You are an inspiration to all of us, not only on the range, but in a lot of other things as well. God bless you. 😎

I still call dibbs on this family in the event of Zombie Apocalypse

Y’all are so cute! I can’t wait to see what shenanigans are coming! 😉

❤️ Y’all are so fun!!

Love ya guys!

I wished it would be streamed somewhere so those of us that do not have satellite could watch

Best commercial ever recorded. Shows how goofy a family can be. Love it.

Looking forward to it!

This is a great show

Lena oh my

Great family!! I’d say the First Family of shooting.

Good sense of humor in that family. 🙂

God bless the family

I love this man, he's one of my heros!!!!

Such a fun and adorable family!! Love you all!!

So funny. Love this family humor. Wednesday’s 6:30 pm. We’ll tune in.

Great, my favorite TV night on the Outdoor Channel.


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