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Jerry Miculek

Getting your rifle ready for a long day on the range is key to reliability and long life of your firearm. Check out a couple of tips that I use before putting 500 rounds down range. ... See MoreSee Less


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I'm pretty sure Jerry is John Wicks dad.

"... tips that I use before putting 500 rounds down range." Tip #1 Check your bank account balance.

Can you be in the next John Wick movie? Pleaaase?? 😀

Here the real question , in a gunfight would you want Jerry Miculek or a minigun? I vote Jerry!

Jerry can you do a video on your Competition setup? I wanna' see what gears (belts, holsters etc) you recommend and how you have your guns set up.

Is there any point taking part in a competition if Jerry is shooting it?

And that my friends, is how the west was won.

Honestly I just can’t financially afford to shoot as fast as Jerry Miculek.

'John Wick'? Nope, Jerry is more fit for 'Man in Black' for he can't be human.

Holy moly! You make it look easy! You were definitely born to do this!!!!

I enjoy seeing this Man work....easy peasy.....

Fricken 3 gun looks like fun

hell with breaking in this guys house

Jerry’s nickname should be “full auto”

To bad he couldn’t shoot..lol.. I’d put him up against a machine gun

If your not paying attention you will also be known as a DNF

500 rounds I imagine is just a 5 min range trip for jerry!

Nice video. What about the gas rings?

Unmatched performance. It is always a joy to watch you Jerry.

Are you attending the 3 gun at the the rock in kentucky on the 15

Still an animal. Great guy, great family.

That is some awesome gun oil

What a machine!!! Awesome Jerry

We all need more practice....

bet no one stays on his lawn...

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