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Jerry Miculek

Upgrading some M&P uppers with Mag-Na-Port International, Inc. Autoporting and HIVIZ Shooting Systems Litewave H3 sights. In a future video I"ll do some night shooting and show you how it works. ... See MoreSee Less


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Jerry, do you change any of your recoil springs to the bullet grain in use? If you do whats your thought on spring set ups?

Very cool do u prefer a blacked out rear sight I love warren tactical with just a red fiber front

I'd like to see how these compare to the Truglo tfx-pro sights. Similar design with tritium inside fiber optic.

Jerry those shelves hurt to look at. You need some ammo cans or even some tackle boxes and a label maker.

I just want 5 minutes to go thru his work shelving

Jerry Miculek, I see that you are carrying the Compact 1.0 (12 rounder). Do you prefer that over the 2.0 Compact? I have had both and prefer the 2.0 myself....

Woody Kouts this is his ammo shelf that I was telling you about.

Nicosan Nicolas Santillana

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