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Jerry Miculek

The Gator Classic was a great success despite record rainfall in Louisiana making the range a muddy mess. At least for the main match the water was all under our feet, not falling out of the sky. Here's a quick little hoser stage.

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Dunno what it is, but it isn't human.

The original John Wick

One of the best shooters.

Jerry’s awesome

All shooter do the Stage with sneakers and other tactical boots... But noooo, jerry does it with rubber boots 😀

I fear any fool that would go on the business end of Jerry's iron.

Getting a lot of miles in those muck boots these days!

That ole fucker can shoot!

Yeah......I was shooting like this last week at the range. Shooting at 50-75 yards doing summersaults in the air, jumping off crates, shootin’ behind my back. Was putting on a real show show for everyone..........then the alarm rang and I fell out of bed and banged up my nose.........

Reminds me of practical pistol shooting in the days before the UK handgun ban. Nice wellingtons Jerry 🤣

Nice boots Jerry 👍🏻





Should call it the Wellington Gator Classic!


Looks like the Bushnell UML Traditional Nationals mud fest was a good warmup for this one 😉

Had a great time at the Gator Classic and a pleasure meeting you

I always enjoy watching The Master at work.

👏 🔥 💯


Luiz Henrique Cunha qdo você estiver atirando assim hein!!!! Rsrs

Shooting family always presenting the very best of the best in craft of skill and lifestyle as an example for America.

Jacob Satterfield

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