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Jerry Miculek

Early morning practice with my favorite @mossbergcorp shotgun. #rangetherapy #shootfast ... See MoreSee Less

Early morning practice with my favorite @mossbergcorp shotgun. #rangetherapy #shootfast


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only Jerry has 4 shells in the air at a time...

That tube gets much longer you can just knock the plates over with it

Interesting to see so many spent cases in the air at one time.

The tubes on competition guns always makes me laugh they are so awesome.

4 hulls in the air! Faaaaast

Will you participate WS2020 Thailand?

In 2029 that mag tube will be 6' long

I absolutely love my 935! Chews 'em up and spits 'em out all day long!

I just want his speed loader

Hey Jerry, I don't think that magazine tube is long enough. I find that hard to be practical

FOUR shells in the air at one time and those are the only ones in the framing of the pic. We are not worthy....

That tube!👍

Youd think at that point they would make the tube bend around and come back or something

That is an exceptional photo with the spent shells flying !! COOL !

Great picture Jerry, it kinda says it all. 😎

How long of a tube can you use before it starts getting kissed by the shot?

Some day I hope to grow up and be as badass as Jerry Miculek!

Your taking the piss mags to long

That tube made me think he was using a Trench Gun

You better keep popping those primers. The big one is only 16 days away. Good luck Jerry! Shoot fast

The definition of pressure: being the mag tube spring in a semi auto shotgun in Jerry Miculeks hands. :)

Love the shotgun!!! #Getsome

Think if watched everything he's ever did....including his brass tumbling video....

That's quite a shotgun Jerry.

What model is this shotgun ?

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