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Jerry Miculek

Although the 500 Revolver is a young man's game I figured I could train the next world record holder if it wasn't going to be me! Congrats Scott from Kentucky Ballistics for an outstanding 1.08 5 shot time! Any records you want ME to try and beat/set....let me know in the commenrs below! ... See MoreSee Less


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Josh Ratcliffe

R Jacob Rappa

Justin Young We need to do this

I'd drink a cup of jerry's sweat if it meant I could shoot like him.

Caleb Koller

Wow just wow.

It's an honor that you Jerry share with us the "shooting range culture" thank you both !!


Do something long distance.

Let's see some speed shooting with a S&W 329Pd using magnum loads.

Don Waataja

Jerry got jokes

The way that 500 was blowing fire rings, y’all might want to consider a “Game of Thrones” episode

"You blow vape rings? That's cute." *blows fire rings* 😂😂😂

Yer not ready for that yet Brother!! EPIC!!!!!!

I feel like I met you in Colorado Springs on my bday in March

Too much for me!

Rob Dennis- ready to try this?

Kenneth Salen funker dårlig med gandalf ladningene tror jeg. Så ut som no puffloads det greiene her!

Sean Macias

Klar Kenneth Salen? 😀

Mooie snubnose voor je, Henk!

Very cool

Why is it a young man's game? Too much recoil? At what age does recoil matter most?

Jerry shows his true colors in helping others to excell. He is and always will be rightfully famous for his ability to shoot revolvers. He has been at the top for a very long time.

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