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Jerry Miculek

Rainy day got you down? Check out some drills that can be used at your local indoor range to keep that training going....rain or shine. Thank you Red River Range for helping us put this one together! ... See MoreSee Less


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My local indoor range has a one shot per second rule, pretty sure you’re already banned for life πŸ˜…πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈπŸ‘

Love your videos Jerry! Keep up the awesome work Sir!

"Sir!!!! Sir!!!!! No rapid fire allow!!! You might hit the carrier and it's a $5.00 per hit fee. I'm sorry but that's the rule. We just can't have people shooting like they're Lena Miculek.". πŸ˜‰

Ban full auto fingers!!

You had your finger on the trigger as you picked up the pistol.....Trigger control ?

Simply Awesome....Respect ! ! ! !

You rock sir. Big fan

Dang that's fast... Awesome

Joseph Haynes--Our range allows rapid fire throughout. It is in constant repair due to the woodchucks that can't control their shots. Those that want to keep things at an intelligent level are to be praised..

Miss seeing your family on tv, lately. Is there going yo be more in the future?

Indoor range by me wont allow "rapid fire". Its a damn shame really.

Would love to see a little contest between him and Lena on this drill.

Would have loved to see some irate RO come running in β€œNO RAPID FIRE!!!! Oh.... it’s you”

I tried a few today, knocked the rust off a little!

Practice practice and practice more. They do...

On a side note I think the map is a map of downtown Houston.

It is everytime great entertainment to see Jerry shooting. I can't get enough! Great guy. Congrats!

Awesome. Great tips

What were you shooting? Looks different than your normal comp gun...

He IS the exception to the rule!

We need to go and shoot sometime.....

Every indoor range I ever went to had a 1 shot per 3 seconds rule

Jerry, you are the Best. πŸ‘

I was lucky the indoor range I went to was cool with me rapid firing.

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