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4 days ago

Jerry Miculek

Hey guys!! Need some input! Let me know if you want to see a complete race gun build from start to finish. #getsome #shootfast #smithandwesson ... See MoreSee Less

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I've done a couple low budget builds, but would love to see what you can share to make them really great guns.

Love to see it. I've only built 1911s and slicked up a few S&Ws. I've been wanting to build a rifle with quality parts, and I know there are a million different brands and types. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

Yes, please! It would be great if the series built a gun in stages, so that people with limited budgets could use it as a roadmap to get the best “band for the buck” modifications to get them into the sport, and then add components/features over time to build a full-zoot race gun as budget allows.

Absolutely we want to see your input here. Love good detailed build videos.

Personaly I would love to see it Jerry,everything you have done so far has been awesome,thank you Jerry!

I’d love it but make it so you know what you want or need rather than a DIY series for us mechanically challenged people. Compare your gun to like JP expensive custom builds. That would be a wow on many levels! 🤓👍

I'd love to see that. Specifically, what you look for, and why you make modifications.

Yes. That would be fun to see the selection of parts, all the way through tuning.

Sounds really great jerry! Looking forward to seeing that video from the best.

I got all excited at first because I thought this was going to be the video. I'm looking forward to seeing what you put together.

I think it would make for some great videos to see you do that. Please do.

Jerry not only do I think it's a great idea I think you're probly the luckiest guy I've ever seen and look forward to meeting. I've enjoyed all your videos very informative especially for a beginner thank you and thank you for making it fun

That sounds great. Then when done do a video for a build from parts only.

I think any knowledge you share is a gift. You’re one of the best. And I think it would be great to have some insight into your tools.

Awesome idea! Also would love to see you do a video on the old Dan Wesson Supermags.

Yes sir absolutely would love to see you build one and get some professional insight on products you use.

Would love to see it Jerry! What do we do?!?!?

Sounds wonderful man, I'd love to see how your methods compare to what I have done in the past.

Trigger install, changing to a free float handguard, installing and tuning an adjustable gas block, installing a comp (and timing it if preferred), installing optic and mount for proper eye relief. Outside of those, most things seem to be fitment and feel oriented.

Looking forward to see the video's from the Master!

You already gave me so many ideas already on what to do with my toys little by little And the toys i have bought because of you Now my nephews are getting into guns now Thank you Jerry

That’s a great idea! I’d love to see those videos!

I already did it several times but i would love to see what the master does! I shot in the squad behind you at Hornady's Zombies in the Heartland shoot... you sir are a class act!

I just built my 1st one, with basic components. I haven't really messed with ar style arms since retiring from the Army Infantry 15 years ago. I finally decided I wanted one and decided I'd build it. I would like to see how you do yours.

Would love to see how to properly set the headspace when installing the barrel extension on the barrel.

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