Miculek Handgun Class-One Day


Location: Laramie, WY
Dates: Sunday, June 30, 2019
Times: 9AM-4PM

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One-day handgun only course with instructor Jerry Miculek, and assistant instructor Kay Miculek.  This course is suitable for intermediate to advanced shooters.  Students should bring guns and gear appropriate for USPSA/IDPA style competitions.  Full sized handguns and belt-holsters are recommended.  Approximate round count is 400-600 rounds.  Bring a minimum of three hi-cap magazines for semi-auto pistols.  If shooting a revolver, bring a minimum of twelve speed loaders.  The focus of this class will be to increase shooting speed while maintaining accuracy.  This goal is accomplished through trigger technique and recoil management, as well as understanding and utilizing advance vision techniques.

Location:  Greg’s Place (Private Range approximately 40 minutes west of Laramie).  Address will be provided to registered students.