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The patent pending design of the Miculek Magnetic Buffer System utilizes rare-earth magnetic technology to provide superior recoil and muzzle control.   This superior control results in less felt recoil and less muzzle rise in your Modern Sporting Rifle.  The buffer can also be tuned to accommodate different bolt weights and gas settings, a feature never before available in a MSR buffer system.  And with the proven durability of rare-earth magnets, the Miculek Magnetic Buffer System comes to you with the absolute best guarantee available…A LIFETIME WARRANTY!

This product is designed for Modern Sporting Rifles in calibers .223/5.56 and .300 BLK.  Fits carbine length buffer tube assemblies such as the M4.  With the proper buffer spacer, it can also be used in rifle length buffer tube assemblies.  (If using a spacer in rifle length buffer tube assemblies we recommend replacing the rifle length spring with an M4 length spring to insure the bolt locks open properly.)

Miculek Magnetic Buffer Systems for additional platforms are in the works!  Stay tuned!